Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sarah May

Greetings from Nanning China,

Today is the day we met Sarah for the first time. When we met her she was sound asleep. Her being asleep was a real blessing considering all of the emotion, chaos and not to mention crying going on in the "receiving room". She slept in the van and woke up upon arrival to our room. She shed "ONE Tear" that ran down her cheek. She has continued to warm up constantly throughout the day.

We took her to dinner here at our hotel. Katie, Meg and I enjoyed an "American Steak" for a change up this evening. Sarah enjoyed a bowl of "conge": Essentially rice that has been overcooked and allowed to sit in the water so it creates an extra glutenous texture. This dish is served traditionally with vegetables or chicken or pork. Sarah dug into the chicken version, we all tasted it and it is quite good. It sort of resembles Chicken & Rice Soup in Flavor.

As I write this note she is resting her head on a pillow with her new blanket and enjoying a bottle. It is very clear to us that Sarah's foster parents cared for her very deeply. They sent us two backpacks full of gear for Sarah, along with instant camera's that need to have the film developed, as well as hearing aids that she has been using (We didn't know this). We cannot help but feel sad for them and their sacrifice. She is a wonderful little girl, she will be so very loved, nurtured and cared for by all of you. We look forward to your opportunity to meet her yourself.

She is very neat and tidy. She is very meticulous about any little spills or crumbs she may or we may create. She is very attentive and will be a "copy cat" almost instantly. She has a ready smile, and was a huge fan of the balloons you see in the picture. We bounced them around and took lot's of photo's and video. We are working on solutions to post more photo's, please understand the internet connection here is spotty at best.

Love to you all,


Eric said...

She is beautiful! Congratulations!

Eric, Amy, Lawson,Wade, and Grace

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