Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 4

Greetings all,

Here are some photo's from today!

This one is from the orphanage. Left to Right: Orphanage Staff, Foster Mother, President of Orphanage, Katie, Dave, "Godparents".

Sarah and I in front of a statue at the garden.

Sarah riding a pig ride. This one was especially for Joseph. The picture didn't cut it, she then rode the ride which went on for a long time and made incredibly loud machine gun sounds, sirens, et cetera. I simply cannot over emphasize the volume this machine produced.

The last two are from McDonald's, yes McDonald's. And for those of you booing us for it, the news is it is the FIRST place we were able to have ICE since our arrival in China and we all agreed it was the best 1/4 pounder we had ever eaten. I assure you we have all been very adventurous eaters, sorry I felt the need to defend our McDonald's visit.

Love to you all,


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