Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dinner on day 4

These are some photo's from dinner tonight. We were lucky enough to have Amby (our guide in Nanning) join us for dinner. We asked him to pick the spot, and he selected a gorgeous pagoda looking place at the "garden's". We also had Tiffany, Will and their newest edition their son Grady join us for dinner as well. We enjoyed starting off with some pickled vegetables
Amby ordered for the table "family style"

The Menu:
Peking Duck with a honey dipping sauce
Fried Beef with Sweet peppers
Stir Fried Rice
Chicken (Whole chicken bone in chopped up in the dish) and Wild Mushroom's
Beef & Bean "compote" that we stuffed in the underside of a Chinese bun. "Chinese Sliders"
Roasted and stewed Japanese Eggplant

There is also a few of Sarah with her braids out for the first time. Katie is quite anxious about this as her foster mom suggested she was very sensitive to having her hair washed. (One step at a time). Last night Sarah played in the bathtub, splashing it up.

Until tomorrow,
Dave, (Katie and Meg)

Sarah at dinner with Amby.

Dinner with Amby, enjoying pickled seaweed.

Sarah, enjoying pickled seaweed.

Amby, our guide in Nanning.

Sarah's hair out for the first time


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