Friday, July 30, 2010

Week Two plus

It is really amazing how much we have done since returning from China. Some of you may be thinking we are absolutely crazy and I have those moments as well. However, as manic as we seem everything has gone smoothly. We are following a divine timeline and He really knows what He is doing. None of the events surrounding Sarah's adoption have occured on my preconceived time line and as difficult as that was for me to initially accept, it is actually a blessing to let go of my false sense of control.

Recap of the last week.... My Dad, children and I loaded up Thursday morning to head off to Kiawah Island, SC for our annual beach trip! Dave had work commitments so was unable to join us. After an amazingly calm and uneventful 20 hour drive we arrived. All of the kids were great on the road trip. We arrived a bit before the rest of the family and introduced Sarah to the beach. She wasn't so sure at first, but she was perfectly happy for Grandpa Bob to carry her around the beach. She did warm up after a while. Of course her brothers jumped right in swimming and digging. Soon the cousins arrived and we all had a fantastic time. Meg and I joked that Sarah's leg muscles were going to atrophy because between all the boys her feet never hit the ground. She loved the attention. At one point she had all 7 boys sitting on the sofa while she stood in front of them shaking her finger and giving them a piece of her mind. Priceless!

My cousins and aunt from North Carolina met us in Kiawah and it was great to spend sometime with all of them as well. We of course missed my Mother as the beach was one of her favorite places to relax.

The original plan was for Sarah to have surgery the first week of August however, that was on my time line not His. As things worked out the last week of July was when the surgeon was available. At first this was disappointing however as it has worked out it was for the best! So, Sarah had her cochlear implant surgery this past Wednesday. It went perfectly, we spent one night in the hospital and now are spending a couple of restful days at home. Sarah has been a trooper. She is hard to slow down and would like to be jumping on the bed and running wild. She is missing her brothers and so am I, they will be back from the beach on Sunday.

Isaiah 46:11 I have spoken it, I will also bring it to pass; I have purposed it, I will also do it.



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