Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 4 & 5 GZ

Day 4

We had a big day on day 4 here in Gaungzhou. WE decided since we actually had a free day we would go to the Zoo Safari. It was really cool, they probably had 100 tigers of all kinds and many other animals for viewing. Definitely one of the most impressive zoos we have ever seen.

However, it was a bit of stimulation over load for little Sarah. The heat index was 116, it was very loud with music, people and animals and she was a bit tired already from blowing and going all week. We experienced our first major meltdown when I told her we could not go back to one of the shops. She pulled her hearing aids out and proceeded to literally kick and scream. I tried to put her down thinking that was what she wanted but not so. She wanted me to hold her but not really. I felt bad for her and truth be told I wanted to join her in her tantrum. We were quite a spectacle and drew even more stares than usual. After a bit she wore herself out and fell asleep in my arms while we went through the safari on wheels. When she woke up she was back to her charming self.

When we returned to the hotel we decided to see if she would like to pool. The resounding answer to that was "No!" Since she was mad already I decided to go ahead and give her a bath and wash her hair, one of her least favorite activities. After she was cleaned up it was only about 6:30 but we decided to stay in and take it easy. We ordered pizza and watched the only English channel we could find, HBO. The movie "Seventeen Again" was on and Sarah really seemed to like Zac Efron, at least she has good taste :) We all turned in early and got a good nights rest.

Day 5

The big event for the day was going to the American Consulate and taking our oath. It was really cool. There were about 50 families with us all adopting. 57% of families were adopting special needs kiddos. It was fun to see all of the children interacting with one another in the play area. It took a little while to get everyone checked in before we all stood and took our oath together. We were then informed that upon arrival into the US the immigration officer will open an envelope that they gave us and Sarah will instantly become an American citizen. So cool!

After we were finished we went out to eat with the families that we spent time with in Beijing. We had Italian and it was great. Sarah really enjoyed what my brother Andrew would call "naked" penne pasta. We came home and skyped with the boys back home and hit the sack. We really can't wait to head home soon!

Thanks for all of your prayers and support!

Ephesians 2:8 It is by grace you have been saved, through faith-and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God.



Carlie said...

I am just catching up on your website. It is so nice to read about your trip and know that you got home alright. I am so glad Sarah is doing well and that her brothers love her. I hope you have a wonderful time with your family now that you are home. Take care and I will keep in touch. We miss you all. Lots of love, The McKee's

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