Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Catching Up!

Well we are up and running! This is my first blog ever so I apologize in advance for any errors. We are entering into an incredible journey to expand our already blessed family and thought this would be the best way to share the experience with all of our family and friends.

A "reader's digest version" of the events that have gotten us this far. In the Fall of 2006 Dave and I decided we wanted to adopt a little girl from China. At that time the process was about 18 months......fast forward to Fall of 2009, the process has lengthened and lengthened. What does this mean for us and our family? Is God telling us this is not the path to follow? After prayer and consideration I felt a resounding "No" to that question. We decided to begin looking at the "waiting child" list of children from our adoption agency. This is a heart wrenching process because there are so many children waiting for "forever families". After many months and much prayer we find Jingya, Sarah May. She is an adorable 2 1/2 year old girl who is currently living in a foster home on the southern coast of China. Currently, we are in the paper chase process, awaiting approval for travel to China and an appointment at the Consulate to seal the deal.

Joseph, David and Luke are as anxious as Dave and I are to embrace the newest member of our family.

One of my favorites scriptures to reflect on during this time of transition is
Jer: 29:11 "I have good plans for you, not plans to hurt you. I will give you hope and a good future." This is God's promise to all of us, very comforting.

One difficult part of this journey has been losing my wonderful Mother this past Fall. I miss her daily and would love her to be here to share this blessing. However, I know that she is with me in spirit. The lifetime she spent loving me unconditionally has helped to prepare me for the challenges ahead.



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