Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Half and Half

As I was making the coffee this morning I had to open a new container of half and half. The expiration date was 06/10/10.....immediately I thought will I been in China on June 10th 2010?? Will we have met Sarah face to face by then???? It reminded me of all of my other pregnancies as I reached the finish line I began to measure everything by when the baby(ies) is(are) due. With Joseph, David and Luke they were all early, 2 short pregnancies and 3 kiddos to show for it. With Sarah what seems like the world's longest pregnancy:) I have to remind myself it is all in God's timing and not my own.

Word's of wisdom from my Father (the earthly one) when I was begging the doctors to please just let me have Jospeh and David already, "Katie, they are much easier to take care of in your belly!" Wow, no truer words were ever spoken.



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