Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Who knew fingerprints would be such a pain in the rear? I am hopeful that after today I will never have them taken again. Today was our 3rd time over the past three years to have our prints scanned through the homeland security system. Evidently your prints expire every 15 months!

Dave and I headed down to Austin (yeah it use to be San Antonio) to have our prints scanned. We walked in without an appointment because we were told on Wednesdays they take walk ins. We have been waiting for our appointment for over a month. I have been sick thinking these dumb fingerprints are going to be what holds up our trip to get Sarah. Upon arrival in Austin, after a bit of a tense trip because I did not print a map (will I ever learn?), we were asked for our appointment paper:( I explained we were told we could walk in today and of course went into how desperate I am feeling about getting to China. We were told, "have a seat while I go speak to my supervisor." We sat for what was probably only 5 minutes but to me felt like an eternity. Finally, they said yes, they would take them. Yeah!!

I go up to have my prints taken and it is a tedious process. After the woman finishes she informs me I have worn prints. She is not sure if the FBI will approve them, maybe I will have to come back to Austin for a retake. You have to be kidding me! I asked are they going to change and become less worn? She said no. I am erasing her comment from my Ridiculous!

I know I posted this scripture yesterday but I really need it again today!

Psalm 46:10 Be still and know that I am God.



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